We provide more complex prosthodontic treatment such as crowns, for those seriously-weakened teeth requiring more strength, and bridges, which can be a fixed option for replacing missing teeth if dentures are undesirable.

Sometimes a tooth is significantly weakened due to fractures, decay or after root canal treatment.  In these cases we may recommend a crown, which is a custom-made porcelain or gold restoration that provides a perfectly-fitting ‘cap’ over the remaining tooth structure.  This provides extra strength and longevity for your tooth.

A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth, by anchoring a solid porcelain tooth between two or more crowned natural teeth.  The supporting teeth need to be of good health, and can sometimes themselves benefit from the bridge.

All teeth need to be evaluated thoroughly before deciding if these treatment options are suitable, and we are happy to give information and advice, and will provide quotations for this treatment.  We only use highly-reputable local dental technicians and prosthetists to make our crowns and bridges. This assures excellent quality work and good accountability.