Children's dentistry

Children’s dentistry

All of our dentists are well trained to treat your child with care, kindness and respect. Our philosophy to children’s dentistry is to try to prevent problems before they arise, so we take the time to assess and discuss issues with children and their parents and try to establish a good relationship and understanding. When treatment is required, we are always gentle and patient.

Examinations, Cleans and Oral Hygiene Instruction

Prevention and early diagnosis is the key.  Whether it be relating to oral cleanliness, developing cavities, erupting teeth or preventing injuries, minimising the impact of damage through education and instruction is a priority.  Children are very receptive to and feel empowered when given clear, relevant information about their teeth and gums.  Regular checkups will allow us to build this relationship and bridge of communication to help them take pride in their smiles.

Treatment is always more comfortable and conservative when diagnosis is early, and therefore less traumatic. We take the time to discuss and demonstrate oral hygiene techniques, dietary advice and the causes of decay and infection within the mouth.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are an important aspect of preventative dentistry for children.  When deep grooves exist on the biting surfaces of back teeth, it is easy for bacteria to accumulate and cavities to form.  In fact, most cavities found in children of primary school age start off in these grooves. This simple procedure is tolerated very well by children, and seals off these grooves to allow for easy cleaning, and is proven to prevent cavities.  It is mostly the permanent first and second molars that are sealed, but sealants can be placed in grooves on any permanent teeth that appear susceptible to decay.


Custom-fitted mouthguards for sport are proven to help prevent serious traumatic injuries and damage to teeth.  Once injury has occurred, it can often be a painful and costly experience to regain the health and aesthetics of that tooth, so it makes sense to invest a little in preventing this from the beginning.  We provide properly-fitted, well-adapting mouthguards that will absorb impact during contact sports. You can choose from a large range of colours.

Orthodontic Assessments

Although we currently do not offer full orthodontic services, we are well trained to make initial and on-going assessments regarding the child’s occlusion and teeth positioning.  We can offer information, advice, and can construct removable appliances to correct simple issues.  When required,  we will provide a referral to our highly reputable specialist orthodontists.